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Chef Sammy Davis winner of  Food Netwok's
Chopped and Chopped Redemption


Come in and try the many flavors, dine-in or place your orders a head to take out.

Chef Sammy Davis has two crowd pleasing performances on the Food Network’s hit series “Chopped” and Chopped Redemption!” Finishing as a finalist the first time, then going back, he won it all. He went on to win “D.C.’s BEST MAIN DISH” with his award winning shrimp and grits dish. An offering to this day via hi restaurant Milk and Honey,

 that continuously draws lines of diners to experience it for themselves. Chef Sammy Davis has worked at some of America’s most esteemed dining establishments. His creations feature dishes that contain an exciting mix of tastes, aromas and sensations, are in instant hit. Come see for yourself now at Milk and Honey ATL.