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Come enjoy Milk and Honey for brunch, lunch and dinner


Although dealing in absolutes is a dangerous endeavor within the restaurant industry, we can always guarantee great food. We do not provide individual checks; however we will allow as many forms of payment on one check as you wish. 18% gratuity is added to parties of 4 or more, or checks larger than $100. Per Chef Sammy Davis’ request, we can not allow modifications to the TOP TEN BRUNCH MENU signature items in an effort to preserve continuity between locations. If you have a food allergy, please choose another item without the allergen. It should go without saying, but be nice! We will always treat you with the utmost respect, so please try to return the favor, though we all have our bad days.

 We do work with a small space, so currently we don’t allow reservations, unless you’re Barack Obama. However, we do book large parties and private events. Wait times are estimates, not guarantees. We understand if you can’t wait during busy times.

 We try to do everything we can to free up tables, but again, the restaurant industry is highly unpredictable. We don’t want you mad at us because you waited. Don’t be a bear and hibernate at our tables. Others have to eat too. Although we sometimes rearrange furniture in the main dining room for smaller parties to preserve space for larger parties can be seated on the patio. We seat complete parties only. 

We have no waiting area inside. For this reason we suggest waiting in your car to receive a call when your table is ready.


Come into a relaxing atmosphere and have some of the best dishes in the Atlanta area

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